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About KEDU

For decades, Kenyan physicians have completed their training and practiced in the United States. Many more are coming up the pipeline in medical schools and residencies across the country, representing each and every possible specialty.
KEDU is an initiative to bridge the gap between efforts being made here, and in Kenya, while providing a resource for new trainees or newly resettled physicians. For more about the founder, click here.
We look forward to engaging with you, and watching this network grow!

Kenyan Doctors USA (KEDU) is an organization founded by a team of U.S.- based Kenyan physicians to provide an opportunity for connection. Our objectives are to create a discourse among physicians working clinically and in academic positions across the U.S., to engage with medical or health-related organizations and programs in Kenya, as well as provide a platform for new Kenyans joining the U.S. physician community to network and gain access to resources available from predecessors. We pride ourselves on advancing clinical, educational and research capacity for those in our community.

  • Have something urgent you would like to share or get information on from the community? A job opportunity? Residency position? Write to us using the "Contact" page.
  • Have an idea you would like to educate our community about? Send us an article or article idea using the "Contact" page.
  • Our next Chai ya Saa Kumi (Discussions with the Diaspora) will be on Friday, September 25th, at 7pm EST. Register here