The KEDU webinar series will explore a variety of topics ranging from community partnerships, mental health, mentorship, collaboration, International Medical Graduates (IMGs) outreach and many more. To view prior webinar sessions, you can access them via the links below.

Webinar Sessions

Introduction Webinar

During our inaugural webinar session, we presented KEDU’s mission, introduced you to the founders, and discussed incipient activities and programming of the organization.

Health Care in an Unprecedented Moment in History

KEDU partnered with MEDIXUS, a pan-African knowledge sharing platform, to host a diverse panel of clinical experts discussing their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenya to US (ECFMG certification, USMLE registration, and applying for US residency)

Preparing for the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) can be one of the most challenging barriers for trainees interested in pursuing medical training in the United States, and yet, a mandatory step in this process. In this webinar (part one of two), we discuss study preparation, costs and other logistics associated with these exams.

Leadership in the times of COVID-19

During these incredibly challenging times, we have seen phenomenal leadership from our Kenyan colleagues in the medical field. We were joined by a panel of some of these powerhouses from various Kenyan national medical organizations at our final 2020 webinar as they discussed the work they have done these past few months and how they have overcome challenges during this period. The discussion was incredibly informative and we were able to gain insights on some key strategies needed for effective crisis leadership.

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